Spray Tanning At The Beauté Collective

Everyone loves getting their tan on!

Especially when it’s the best tan that money can buy.

Spray Aus and Bella Bronze have developed what we believe to be the most attractive and natural looking tans available.

You can rinse it off after 2hrs, it has no nasties, wears well, comes off nicely and feels good on the skin.

2hr tans keep developing for up to 48hrs can be done a day or two before your event.

Day of Tan

Please exfoliate skin gently and come in with no moisturiser, perfume or deodorant.

Hair needs to be tied back and jewelry removed.

Wear a loose fitting dark garment, preferably with no straps.

We recommend you rinse off after 2-4 hours. *Do not sleep in this product (please speak to our technician for the reasons why.)


We don’t only specialise in spray tanning but also offer other make up and beauty treatments too.