Eyebrow Styling At The Beauté Collective

Are you looking for a new eyebrow specialist in Midland? At The Beauté Collective, we are known for our signature brow treatment and services to keep your brows looking great! Our brow artists have extenive trainging in all area of brow styling. We will shape and style them to compliment your face shape and structure.

Brow Henna is our most highly sought after brow treament leaving a soft and lasting look of powdered eyebrows for up to two weeks.

Prefer something more permanant? Eyebrow tattooing might be what your are after. At The Beauté Collective we offer a combinations of feathering, micro-blading, micro-stroking and shading, we can create a more blocked shape or defined individual hairs depending on what best suits you! At an initial consultation with our cosmetic tattooist in Midland, we can discuss whether you prefer a softer or more natural look. We can even combine these methods to create the unique, perfect brow for you!


We don’t only specialise in eyebrow treatments but also offer other make up and beauty treatments too.

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