Clinical Peel At The Beauté Collective

If you are as obsessed with skincare as we are, you would have heard all the benefits clinical peels have achieving rejuvenated skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s ideal for removing any damaged skin cells to allow your fresh and glowing skin underneath to shine through. The chemical solution gently exfoliates and peels away the dead skin leaving your new skin healthier and stronger. It has become just as popular as regular facials thanks to its lasting effects and results you can see and feel. You will get addicted!

Aside from just revealing the gorgeous skin you have underneath, clinical peels are highly effective in treating various skin conditions or any specific skin concerns you may have. Some conditions our clinical peels can help are acne, scarring, large pores, blackheads, textured or oily skin.

Due to the exfoliation process, the skin is left sensitive to sun exposure in the weeks following a peel treatment. Although you should be wearing SPF and avoiding excessive sun exposure anyway, we advise following a procedure you avoid sun exposure for 2-4 weeks.

Our clinical peels in Midland use only high quality skincare brands such as the world renowned Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel. We have a variety of peels ranging in levels of intensity to suit even sensitive or combination skin. Get in touch with us to discuss your skin type and what clinical skin peel we have in Midland would be best for you!

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