Why We Love Dermaplaning (And You Will, Too)

Why We Love Dermaplaning
Are you interested in removing fine lines, facial hair or acne scarring but don’t know what the best method is? Let us introduce dermaplaning to you. At The Beauté Collective, we love it, and our clients love it, so let’s break down what it is and how dermaplaning could be a perfect addition to your beauty regime.

What is dermaplaning, and how often should I be doing it?
Dermaplaning is a small exfoliating blade that gently removes the dead skin cells and the soft short hairs from your face. It also removes any other debris that is making the skin’s texture rougher. Dermaplaning aims to remove fine lines, wrinkles and deep acne scarring through the gentle removal of the top layers of skin. Dermaplaning can reduce the signs of aging by making the skin appear more youthful and vibrant. Our team recommend treatments every 3 to 4 weeks but discuss with your aesthetician what will work best for your skin and skin goals.

Does dermaplaning hurt?
Dermaplaning is only removing dead skin, so therefore it is pain free. Going to a professional at a beauty salon in Perth, WA that you trust is key here. Research the beauty treatments and products in your area, so you know you are going to the best.

Pros And Cons Of Dermaplaning
Some of the main dermaplaning benefits are a smoother skin surface, no peach fuzz, and brighter looking skin. Your skincare will also penetrate the skin more effectively because the dead skin cells have been removed. The treatment is painless, quick and easy, and you get excellent results. The main negatives are for people with highly sensitive skin as it may irritate. It also is not suitable for those with active acne or severe rosacea as the blade might aggravate them.

Will dermaplaning cause stubble?
There is often a debate of dermaplaning vs shaving and how it affects hair growth, but we are here to debunk that. Dermaplaning and shaving do not cause stubble or make hair grow back coarser. The hair might feel different when it starts to grow back, but it will be the same texture as before the treatment. Facial hair removal, like getting rid of a moustache, is a common reason why many people go through dermaplaning. It is an effective, safe and beneficial way to remove hair and enhance the skin.

Can dermaplaning cause acne?
No! Dermaplaning is great for the skin, and there are so many benefits. It won’t cause acne; it will do the opposite. Dead skin cells and blocked pores are often the cause of acne, so getting dermaplaning could reduce the acne on your face that is caused by these issues.

Dermaplaning aftercare
After the process, you may encounter some redness of the skin, but this is normal, so don’t panic. Many clients continue their day as usual after their appointment, so it just depends on how your skin presents
itself post-treatment. Give your skin some time before applying regular makeup to it so that it can settle after the process. We stock Youngblood Mineral Makeup which can be applied straight after treatment. Be extra vigilant with sun exposure and make sure you are always wearing an SPF as the skin is more susceptible to damage.

Before and after pics form The Beauté Collective.
So if you have been looking for the right acne scar treatment or maybe you want to remove that peach fuzz, let’s chat! Book in a consultation with our team at The Beauté Collective to discuss how dermaplaning can work for you.

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