Why Facials Aren’t Just For Pampering Yourself

Many people see facials and other forms of cosmetic care as just merely an excuse for pampering yourself. But there are actually a plethora of benefits that facials can bring to your skin. If you want to start taking better care of your skin or just want to learn more about the benefits of facials, then read on.

What is a facial?
A facial is a form of skin treatment that focuses on cleansing, exfoliating and treating skin concerns. This is all done through a customised application after consult. The process is intended to address specific skin conditions. People seek facial treatments for a range of different skin concerns, so every facial will target and affect people differently. People seek facials for eczema, dry skin, pigmentation, or to treat skin problems like acne, blackheads and wrinkles.

What are the benefits of getting a facial?
Many who have never had a facial may question “Are facials really worth it?” Facials benefit the skin by helping keep up its youthful glow, keep it hydrated and to retain its moisturise. People who struggle with acne-prone skin invest in facials as a way to help with the calming or healing of scarred skin. Facials are also a form of stress reduction by targeting pressure points in the face through massage. A face mask may reduce the signs of stress that come with everyday life by assisting the regeneration process and help increase collagen production.

When professionals studying the skin they formulate a process to best treat it, the mask can act as a full cleanser. Regular facials will also improve blood circulation, detoxify the skin, and help with the removal or treatment of skin imperfections. Facials can tighten the skin and can help in the reduction of stretched, wrinkled or darkened skin like undereye bags, making the skin appear more youthful.

How often should you get a facial?
It is a good idea to get routine facials, whether this is at home or at a salon. This, paired with the right skincare routine, will do wonders for our skin. There is no set recommended schedule for how often you should get a facial because everyone is different. Your skin type is the main factor that will determine how often you should see an esthetician. Suppose you are doing facials to help with oiliness, scarring, or acne. As you start to see improvement, the frequency of visits can be decreased. A good rule of thumb is one monthly visit for your facial but talk to a professional at The Beauté Collective to work out the right treatment plan for you.

DIY vs professional facials
Facial professionals understand your skin type and know what needs to be done to keep it in good shape. When you see a consultant, they can analyse your skin and determine your skin type, skin issues, and skin goals. This is something that can be difficult at home, and we may examine our skin incorrectly, put the wrong products on, and just end up doing more harm than good. DIY facials will never be the same as a professional facial, but having a good skincare routine and making sure to remove makeup properly will aid in the process.

What kind of facials are there?
At The Beauté Collective, we offer a range of cruelty-free, Australian owned and made treatments. We offer two kinds of facials:

Luxury pamper facials which would include:

  • Cleansing
  • Enzyme Exfoliation
  • Massage
  • Collagen mask
  • Targeted Serums
  • Moisture and sun protection

Results-driven facials.

  • Stem-cell (regenerative)
  • Collagen 360 (firming)
  • Energy C (brightening)
  • Radiance DNA (anti-aging)
  • Skin Needling
  • Epidermal leveling
  • Clinical Skin Peels

At The Beauté Collective, we cater to every request. Please call us to book a skin consult to discuss your personal skin needs. When you book this will include a comprehensive skin analysis using the latest technology available via our Skin Observ and highly trained therapists.

Call (08) 9295 6897 to discuss what kind of facial would be best for your needs.
We look forward to being part of your skin journey.

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