’Say Goodbye To Makeup – Cosmetic Tattooing

Are you someone who lives on a busy schedule and just does not have the time for an everyday makeup routine? Or maybe, there is a part of your physical appearance you wish to change like thin eyebrows, or scars. Well, if you want your makeup to last, cosmetic tattooing might be the solution for you.

What is cosmetic tattooing?
Cosmetic tattooing gives you the ability to permanently alter and enhance your appearance through the placement of pigment just below the epidermis layer of skin. You can achieve a natural look, and it can be used for a range of reasons. Unlike body art tattoos, cosmetic tattoos are used to enhance natural features, using pigment in softer colours that are subtle and fade over time. The most popular form of cosmetic tattooing is on the eyebrow.

How is cosmetic tattooing done?
Microblading, or feathering, is a process where small hair-like strokes are made by etching the pigment into the skin for a more natural look. A small hand-held took is used. Microshading, however, uses a digital device that creates a more defined look.

Many people are hesitant to get eyebrow tattooing because they think it may be painful. The level of pain you will feel varies from person to person. Most people say it hurts less than standard tattoos, and for most clients, it can be uncomfortable but never unbearable.

How long does cosmetic tattooing last/take?
Eyebrow tattooing and microblading can take a few hours to complete, usually no more than two hours. In terms of how long it takes, cosmetic tattooing is designed to fade over time, generally lasting for no more than five years. The pigment is implanted into the dermis layer of skin, so the skin will regenerate. It is recommended you get touch-ups every year or so. If you had lip tattooing done, you might require a more regular touch-up because this area is exfoliated often due to eating and drinking.

Side effects to cosmetic tattooing
The main risks when it comes to cosmetic tattooing are scarring, infection, and allergic reactions. When we break the skin, it is easier for infection to occur. So making sure you are doing what your professional has asked when it comes to aftercare is imperative. If you are known to have allergies or sensitive skin, asking for a patch test first is a good option. Many people think eyebrow tattooing will affect their existing eyebrow hairs, but this is a myth. In some cases, tattooing can actually stimulate hair growth in the area.

Healing process and aftercare
There will be swelling after the procedure, which can last for a few days. The colour intensity will fade over the week after getting the tattooing done, so do not expect the initial colour to be the final product. The process can take seven to 10 days to fully heal, and last for up to two years. Many factors will influence their longevity, including exposure to the sun, genetics, skin type, and whether you exfoliate your skin with skin products. Making sure you stay on top of your aftercare process is crucial for the best effect.

How much does it cost to tattoo your eyebrows?
The average cost for eyebrow tattooing procedure is between $700-$750.

Before and after pics form The Beauté Collective
Check out some of our before and after pictures of our clients’ cosmetic tattooing experience for inspiration and motivation.

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