How To Prepare Your Skin For Your Wedding Day

Planning the big day? We know the list is never-ending. You’ve chosen the bridal party, booked in the venue, found the PERFECT dress and finalised the menu. You are slowly ticking things off…have you started prepping your skin? 

We don’t want to add another task to your checklist, but it’s essential to start thinking of how to get your skin as glowing as possible for the big day. You are going to be the centre of attention, so you want a dazzling complexion from all angles, no filter necessary!

These are our steps on How To Prepare Your Skin For Your Wedding Day.

When you should you start preparing your skin for your wedding day? Well, in an ideal world, we think your skin should always be a work in progress. Good skin starts from within. A healthy diet, wellness practices and regular exercise is going to not only make you feel fabulous but set your skin up for its best life possible. 

We all know we should be eating five servings of vegetables a day, limit junk food and so on, but you want to know the food hacks to give you skin that boost for your wedding day. Well, antioxidants are essential for skin health. Carrots, pumpkin, kale, papaya, sweet potato and spinach are potent antioxidants great for skin cell development. 

Vitamin C supports your immune system, which should be taking extra care of in your wedding prep, so you don’t get run down. Up your intake of Vitamin C so you aren’t dealing with a running nose walking down the aisle. It also promotes radiance and helps blemishes heal. Increase your intake of blackcurrants, blueberries, guava, kiwi fruit, oranges, broccoli and strawberries for your best skin ever. 

Along with these fruits and vegetables, get some Omega-3 from oily fish, chia seeds, walnuts, and healthy fats from avocados, nuts, and seeds. We don’t recommend crash dieting, just general health and well-being improvement in between sampling wedding cakes. 

Ok, now you’re planning your skin from the inside out, let’s work on the outside in. Brides to be make up a massive part of our clientele, we love working with you to get everything on point before the big day!

When the day is seven months away we will have a Skin Consultation with you to see what specific treatments will get your skin down-the-aisle ready. 

Time to prepare your skin

When preparing your skin for your wedding day, from the 6 to 4-month mark, you can start peels and targeted facial treatments. A one-off facial before your wedding is lovely but not enough to make a lasting impact. Repeat facials and treatments will ensure your skin is glowing after each skin cell turnover.

We recommend a Cosmalan Peel, Hydration rescue facial with Mesoestetic Aftercare. If you are serious about improving your skin before your wedding day, we recommend all of the above in conjunction. 

The months leading up to your wedding

At this 6 month mark we also recommend getting any Injectables done you may require. Chat with one of our girls to see what we can do for you and your skin needs! 

Four months until D-Day, let’s book in a DNA Facial with aftercare for a treatment suited to your specific skin concerns and goals is ideal. These advanced treatments heal your skin from the outside in and help to make sure the next skin turnover is glowing and fresh. 

When it’s suddenly 3 months before your wedding, try relaxing with a Clinical Peel as the panic sets in. Why? The chemical solution gently exfoliates and peels away the dead skin leaving your new skin healthier and stronger. Who doesn’t want that while you marry the love of your life? 

One month and counting

In the month and final weeks before your wedding, it’s glow time baby! We recommend at this stage focusing on brighten, brighten and brighten. We love incorporating holistic approaches to our skincare. A natural way to brighten your skin is through Turmeric.

Make a cup of Turmeric milk before bed, you can find tonnes of recipes with a quick Google search. Tumeric has high anti-inflammatory properties, it helps calm your skin and promote healing from the outside in. Ideally, start this from a couple of months out, but get into the habit a few weeks before the wedding to get that glow. 

Weeks before the wedding

From about a week out from the wedding we will get you in for a Dermaplan session. Haven’t heard of it? It’s the process of gently removing the top layers of skin with a small blade. It is perfect for brides to be as it improves dull, dry or sun-damaged skin, something we know all too well living in sunny WA. Treatments are most effective repeated every 3 to 4 weeks in the lead up to your wedding. 

The final wedding skincare preparation?

Stick to Brightening and Collagen Facials for supple skin. Our Collagen 360 Facial is perfect for this!This, along with drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep, your skin will be stunning while you put a ring on it. 

Take some time to be pampered

To take some of the stress away, we’ve developed our Brides On Point package to ensure you fabulous skin with the right treatments at the right time. We take the guesswork out of choosing which facial or peel to choose from, we’ve been helping brides get ready for years, and we know what they love!

Book in a chat with one of our friendly team to talk all things Bridal Skin!!

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