Why Office Workers Should Get Regular Massages

Are you stuck in an office all day and getting some of the common pains from office work? Are you experiencing back, leg, or neck pain? Well, our team at The Beauté Collective think you deserve regular massages! Sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for the body long term, and getting a regular massage can help so many of the aches and pains you will get.

A massage is not just a pamper treatment; it is a lifestyle improvement. Our team can help you out, but first, let’s explain why office workers should get regular massages. 

Why can office work be bad for your body?

When we sit in front of a computer all day, pain can become a common problem. Arthritis, carpal tunnel and lower back pain are all very common problems that arise for office workers. When we have been at work for hours, we often drop the ball when it comes to our posture, leading to severe aches in the shoulder, back and neck regions. Repetitive actions like typing, scrolling, and sitting, and the limited mobility of our jobs, means our bodies get trapped in this isolation that it is not made to do. 

What happens if these issues go untreated?

Due to the repetitive nature of these jobs, there is a constant build-up of soreness and stiffness of muscles. If we ignore these common problems for too long, they worsen and become even harder to target and deal with further down the track. There are so many mental and physical benefits of a massage, but getting them sooner rather than later is crucial. 

How do you know if you need a massage?

Are there parts of your back that are rock hard? Do you have knots in your shoulders, a kink in your neck, poor posture, feeling stressed or getting headaches? If you are suffering from any of these, it’s time to get some massage therapy in Perth! Over time, all of our pains and problems build up. If we ignore them for too long, it becomes harder to deal with in the future. Get into a regular massage routine to help combat any physical or mental problems associated with being an office worker. 

How often should office workers be going for a massage?

Once a week is optimal for office workers to get a massage. Please discuss this with our therapist at our beauty treatment salon in WA, and work out a schedule to suit your needs. To get the best benefits, it’s best to keep your massages regular to deal with the problems and prevent them from coming back. 

The benefits of massage therapy for office workers 

  • – Stress reliever from work
  • – Improves posture
  • – Pain relief and prevention 
  • – Improving your posture 
  • – Improves quality of sleep 
  • – Helping with headaches and migraines and improves mental health.

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