Which Make Up Habits Can Harm Your Skin

We are all guilty of it. Coming home from a night out or a days work and forgetting to wash our face. The motivation sometimes isn’t there! Whilst we can forgive you for skipping the sink on the odd occasion, regularly not washing your face before bed is ultimately damaging your skin.

We decided to break down some of the most common harmful makeup habits and what they are really doing to your skin. Trust us; you’ll never want to skip face washing again!

Which makeup habits can harm your skin?

Not washing your makeup off

We are mentioning it twice for a reason!

Not washing your makeup off before bed can be damaging your skin. You may not see the grime and dirt buildup on your face, but it’s certainly there. This buildup and absorption over time are ultimately damaging your complexion, leading to inflammation and breakouts.

While we sleep, our skin is regenerating, as our cells experience the most turnover and repair overnight. During this renewal time, our skin is more susceptible to whatever is on it.

This is why it’s most effective to put your heavy-hitting skin products on at night for optimal results. But it also means if you aren’t washing your face before bed and sleeping with makeup on, you are preventing the renewal process. I.e. damaging your skin! By not letting your skin breathe and renew, you can see signs of ageing and breakouts a lot quicker.

No thanks.

Using alcohol facial wipes

It’s easy to skip the sink and reach for a makeup wipe instead, we hate to break it to you, but this habit could also damage your skin. Makeup remover wipes often contain alcohol to help break down and remove makeup on your skin. But as you wipe the day off, you are also breaking down your skin’s natural barrier leaving your face dry and irritated.

Plus, if you are skipping a rinse after using a wipe, you are leaving your skin exposed to the chemicals used in the makeup remover, which are designed to strip makeup off your delicate skin.

Sometimes we don’t have the means of a full face wash, so if you are reaching for the facial wipes, try to rinse your face off with water following so your skin isn’t absorbing unnecessary chemicals overnight.

Not throwing your makeup out

Makeup has an expiration date, and using the product after this can be damaging your skin’s barrier. We get it, some makeup is sentimental. The lippy you wore on your first date, or the eyeshadow palette you’ve had since, well, forever!

But the truth is, even your favourite cosmetic products are harbouring bacteria. Over time, as makeup ages, more and more bacteria are introduced from your hands, brushes, sponges and air.

There’s no avoiding it!

An expired foundation can clog pores, worsen rosacea and irritate your skin. Expired eye products can put this bacteria directly into your eye! Causing infections, now we know where that stye came from…

To avoid irritation, infections and breakouts, it’s important to note when your new products will expire after opening.

Not washing your makeup brushes

We know you really don’t need another thing added to your regular to-do list, but washing your makeup brushes should be a priority for your skin health. Our makeup applicators accumulate bacteria, dead skin cells and oil. Not washing your brushes enough will transfer this bacteria onto your face, clogging pores, causing breakouts or infections.

By cleaning your brushes more often, you are also simply helping your makeup look better!

A clean tool will aid a smoother makeup application and help your brushes last longer. Dermatologists recommend washing your makeup brushes and sponges every seven to ten days to prevent product buildup from transferring to your skin. If washing all your brushes that often is never going to happen, at least cleanse your foundation and concealer tools once a week as they harbour the most skin damaging potential.

By ditching these harmful skin habits, you are giving your skin the best chance to thrive. If you are looking to adopt some healthier skin habits, check out our range of Facial Treatments available.

Not sure which treatment is right for you? Get in touch with our team to chat with our skincare specialists. No matter your skin type or goals, we have a solution for you!

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