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The eyebrows can be such a defining feature of the face. There is a range of brows circulating right now, so there is always a perfect brow shape for everyone. Whether it’s the bushy brow, the thin brow, the Instagram brow, brow lamination or the feather brows. The options are endless, but it starts with a well-maintained brow at a beauty salon in Perth you trust. Let us take you through everything you need to know about getting your best brows with our outstanding eyebrow specialists.  

Eyebrow styling 

At The Beauté Collective, we are known for our signature brow treatment and services. We are passionate about taming those brows to get you to your perfect shape. Our eyebrow artists know everything there is to know about brows. They are savvy to the latest brow trends so they can easily structure the best brow to compliment your face. 

Our eyebrow specialist styling service can solve all of your brow mishaps and mistakes. Don’t worry, we’ve all had a bad brow moment! We can help you fill in those gaps, reshape the unruliness, or tint in the areas where you overplucked once upon a time. Whatever your request is, you can trust us to get you your best brows. We offer reshaping, tinting, henna, and eyebrow tattooing for a more permanent solution.  

We get many first-time clients come to our beauty salon in WA with their questions around tattooing, so we decided to answer a few of them here! 

What is the best age to get your brows done?  

Any age! I’m sure some of us regret overplucking when we were young. But waxing, shaping and tinting is a safe and temporary process suitable for anyone. When you are in the hands of an eyebrow specialist you trust, you know you’ll be leaving with the best brows. Tattooing, however, should be done as an adult as it is a semi-permanent service. We have clients of all ages come in to get their brows done, so you are never too old to pamper yourself.  

Can eyebrow hair grow back after waxing?  

Yes. Waxing is not a permanent procedure. Pulling the hair out from the root means the hair will grow back at a slower rate, but it will not permanently remove the hair.  

What eyebrow shape is the best, and what will suit me? 

There is no best or worst eyebrow shape. Trends come and go, so there will never be a number one shape forever. Our brow specialists are trained in facial structure and what brow will work best for it. Come in to meet one of our experts to discuss what will work best for you.  

How often should I wax/thread? 

For eyebrow waxing, we recommend every three to four weeks or long enough that the hair has grown back enough for the wax to be effective. Any less time than this, and the hairs will be too short, and the wax won’t pick it up. For threading, it is the same. The thread needs enough hair growth to have enough pull to grab it from the root. We recommend at least a quarter of an inch long before coming for your next appointment.  

Why should I get my eyebrows styled by The Beauté Collective? 

We offer a range of services for every brow need at our beauty salon in the Perth Hills. If you want to be looked after by a professional who knows brows like the back of their hand, you have found the salon for you. We offer top services at great prices, so you’ll know you’re in a safe space. A few of our services include: 

  • Eyebrow styling $50 (20 minutes) 
  • Henna eyebrow styling $70 (20 minutes) 
  • Eyebrow lift $60 (20 minutes) 
  • Cosmetic tattooing consult $50 (30 minutes)  

If you want more pampering, we recommend pairing your brow service with one of our eyelash options like the eyelash lift and tint or an eyelash extension. Fresh brows and big lashes never looked so good! We offer a range of skin treatments to partner with your eyebrow session so you can make a day out of it.  

So, if you feel like diving into a world of relaxation and luxury, book a session with one of our fabulous specialists at The Beauté Collective. Let us help you feel your very best.  

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The beaute collective offers eyebrow styling along with an extensive range of other beauty related services to residents of Perth Hills. Our professional, dedicated team will take care of all of your beauty and skin care needs.

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