Facial Treatments For Those With Oily Skin

Have oily skin? We hear you! Actually, everyone has oil in their skin, just some of us more than others…

Unsure if you have oily skin? Answer these questions below:

  • Does your face have a shine to it by the end of the day?
  • Does makeup come off your face easily? 
  • Are your pores visible?
  • Commonly experience breakouts or blackheads?
  • Does your skin get greasy easily after cleansing?
  • Your skin rarely feels “tight”

If you answered yes to these, you most likely have oily skin type or combination skin. All types of skin have their pros and cons, and luckily, there are products to let each skin type thrive. 

So what causes oily skin?

Your sebaceous gland under the skin produces natural oils called sebum. These natural oils are essential for maintaining skin health. 

For those with oily skin, the sebaceous gland simply produces too much oil, creating the shine people with oily skin know all too well! 

Your age, genetics, where you live, and the season can all affect the oiliness of your skin. In terms of your skincare regime, over-cleansing, unsuitable skincare products and skipping moisturiser can also affect your skin’s oiliness. 

What sort of facial treatments should I consider for oily skin? 

Facial treatments for oily skin should help cleans your skin deeply but gently, minimise pores and prevent the skin from future breakouts, something oily skin people have to be on watch for! 

Facials should always leave your skin feeling fresh, cared for and glowing! Once you see the benefits for yourself, they really are addicting.  

The goal of facials for oily skin should be to remove build-up, impurities and excess oil from the skin, but not strip off all the skin’s essential oils.

What facial treatments do we offer?

At the Beaute Collective, we are obsessed with all things skincare. We offer a range of targeted, results-driven facial treatments to achieve the glowing skin you’ve been waiting for. 

Our facial treatment range includes

  • Stem-cell – Regenerative
  • Collagen 360 – Firming
  • Energy C – Brightening
  • Radiance DNA – Anti Aging

Are you looking for professional facial treatments for oily skin? Get in contact with us to discuss your skin concerns, and we can match the right facial treatment for your unique skin goals. 

We can’t wait to get your skin GLOWING.  

Ready to book your next eyebrow appointment?

The beaute collective offers facial treatments along with an extensive range of other beauty related services to residents of Perth Hills. Our professional, dedicated team will take care of all of your beauty and skin care needs.

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