Why You Should Avoid DIY Lash Extensions

We LOVE lashes. And we are very fussy with them, only the best should be placed so close to your eyeball! 

Eyelashes are like lipstick; they draw a contrast between the eye and the eyelid, naturally framing your gorgeous eyes. With beauty treatments becoming more accessible in recent years, having lush eyelashes has never been so easy. But just because it’s easier to have longer, fuller eyelashes than ever doesn’t mean all options on the market are the best, or even safe! 

We don’t need to tell you how important your eyes are and maintaining their health and hygiene. Ordering a DIY Lash Extension kit may seem like a money-saving option compared to a salon experience. But some things are better left to the professionals, especially when it comes to such a delicate area. We wanted to break down what we know about DIY Lash Extensions, so you are aware of the risks involved. 

Use of Harmful Chemicals 

DIY Lash Extensions available in supermarkets or chemist might appear clear and safe to use, but applied incorrectly can be less than ideal. In eyelash extension products, the adhesive often contains a chemical called cyanoacrylate. 

Cyanoacrylate is used in a medical-grade adhesive to bind the extension to the natural lash. When used by a beauty salon professional with the correct eyelash extension training, this is no problem. In the hands of someone looking to DIY their lashes from home, it can be risky. 

Cyanoacrylate can burn your eyes or skin if it comes into contact and result in an allergic reaction. And it also isn’t supposed to come into any contact with cotton fibres either. 

When used by a salon professional, it is ideal to complete the adhesive job. It’s just in the hands of someone untrained, we worry, as many DIY lash kits don’t advise customers enough to the risks involved. Especially as plenty of companies fail to adequately list cyanoacrylate as an ingredient. If a lash kit has a warning about keeping an adhesive away from skin, be extra aware of the risks involved with using the product. 

Cluster Lash

The DIY volume lash extensions are designed to save you money and time. Hence, lashes are often clumped together to apply multiple at once. Easy right? WRONG. 

The thought of gluing DIY multiple extensions to one lash makes us squirm!! 

Eyelashes grow at different rates. If one lash is ready to fall out while the other isn’t, it should not be banded together with a cluster extension. Otherwise, what happens is as one lash is ready to fall out, it will tug on the lash that isn’t — pulling on individual lashes when it isn’t necessary and disrupting the growth cycle.  

With continued tugging and pulling on lashes, traction alopecia can occur and can cause lasting bald spots in your lash line.  In our opinion, wanting more lashes shouldn’t result in not having any at all!

Skill and Hygiene 

A trained eyelash specialist knows how to identify which individual lash is ideal for an extension. If you’re looking to apply home lash extensions yourself, along with it should be hours and hours of practice to ensure you are placing the lashes correctly. Who wants to be a test dummy themselves? 

We all know the struggle of putting on mascara sometimes, keeping your eyes open whilst looking like a goldfish in the mirror. 

DIY Eyelash Extensions will have you using cheaper versions of the sharp tools getting up close and personal with your eyes. And when we have one eye propped open in the mirror, we are by no means the most stable. One slip could result in a serious eye injury.

Considering the extensive training it took for us to be able to master  lashing, we know there is a lot more involved than what is written on a DIY pack. We don’t believe it can be achieved hygienically, effectively or safely. 

So our advice on the best at-home lash kit is… none at all, unless safe to apply strip lash. Some things are better left to the professionals. If your eyelashes are in need of a top-up, get in contact with us for an appointment. We are more than proficient in lashes and will have your lashes looking on point….safely.  

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