Eyelash Extension Care Tips: How To Handle Shower Time

You’re OBSESSED with your new set of lash extensions. Feeling glam and fluttering those lids, you want to get the most out of them.

We know how much our clients love their eyelash extensions, and we want to make sure they last as long as possible for you! To make caring for your lashes when it comes to showering as easy as possible, we’ve put together this blog piece to keep those lashes lush!

Water + your lash extensions, despite what you may hear, is totally fine. It’s just getting your eyelash extensions wet in the first 24 hours which can cause a problem. The lash glue draws moisture from the air while it sets, which is a 24 to even 48 hour period. Hence if you add extra moisture to the mix before the lashes are cured (set) it can reduce the glue’s adhesiveness. When the lash fails to adhesive, it falls off — resulting in an unhappy customer.

To get the most out of your lashes, the period immediately following the beauty treatment is vital. Aside from avoiding the shower in the first 48 hours after the treatment, here are some more tips to best care for your lashes.

Avoid Too Much Steam

Steam can loosen the growing bond holding your lashes on. If you indulge in a steaming hot shower on the regular, consider cooling it down a few notches and make sure you have enough bathroom ventilation. Bonus: avoid the sauna while you have eyelash extensions, they just ain’t going to last as long.

Wash Your Face in the Sink

As the water droplets fall from your shower head, they are building up pressure and falling on your face. Especially if you like your showers hot, this pressure, heat and moisture combined is less than ideal for your new lash extensions.

How to wash your face with eyelash extensions? Wash your face in the sink, splashing water up onto your face and avoid using cleaner around your eyelash area.

Dabbing Around Lashes

Please, do not grab a towel off the rack and rub your face with it. Lash extensions or not, this isn’t good as it tugs the sensitive skin on your face. Hello premature ageing. You also don’t want to tug on those beautiful lashes you just paid for! How to dry your lash extensions after a shower? Dab a clean, dry towel above and below the lash line. Gently. Leave them to air dry, and you can separate them with a clean eyelash brush. Gently!

Avoid Products With Oil

Moisturisers around your carefully curated lash line can slowly eat away at their adhesiveness. Especially oil-based moisturised or cleansers, be mindful to keep them clear of your eye area. If this is too hard it may just be easier to switch from oil-based face products.

If you are using eye-makeup with eyelash extensions, it’s important you still remove this to maintain your skin health. Make sure your eye make-up remover is oil-free to stop it from disrupting your extensions!

If getting in and cleaning around your eye area is seeming too difficult, try using cotton tips or pads to get up closer without rubbing at your eye area.

We hope you love your new eyelash extension lash set, take care of them!

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  1. The eyelash extensions came in three different lengths: Long, medium and natural. Because my own eyelashes are short to begin with, I went for the natural length. The whole procedure was long and tedious.

    Thank you for the information, love this.


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